Tekno SiaG has always paid the utmost attention to compliance with current regulations on the control plans for material lifting equipment and related accessories. Legislative Decree 81/08 paragraph 8 and 11 of art. 71, also known as the Consolidated Safety Act, provides a series of specific requirements to guarantee the permanence of the safety requirements over time and an uninterrupted use of the equipment: fundamental elements to guarantee the maximum performance in total safety of all our systems.

Article. 71 paragraph 11 prescribes that work equipment must be subjected, with a specific frequency, to periodic checks to evaluate its actual state of conservation and efficiency for safety purposes.

In this context, Tekno SiaG offers multiple services and solutions:

Assistance with the first periodic check;
Quarterly periodic checks;
Annual periodic checks;
Ten-year inspection visits (at least after 10 years from the date of manufacture for cranes a tower, mobile cranes and loader cranes);
Twenty-year inspection visits or additional investigations (at least 20 years after the manufacturing data for other types of lifting equipment);
Extraordinary checks. In case there is an increase in the frequency of crane malfunctions and periodic inspection, there is a significant deterioration of the machine. These controls are prescribed usually after exceptional events: extreme environmental conditions, earthquakes, collision with other structures, accidents etc. which have caused extraordinary strains on the machine.

Tekno SiaG have experienced staff like engineers and technicians qualified for non-destructive testing, at level 2 as per UNI EN 473 / ISO 9712 for the following tests:

– VT – Visual test, visual control system.
– PT – Penetrating liquids, is based on the enhancement of the visibility of surface defects through the chromatic contrast between a liquid substance that penetrates by capillarity into the defects (penetrating) and a background (detector).
– MT – Magnetoscopy, Verification of the alterations of the magnetic flux near the surface of the particular place under examination.
– UT – Ultrasound, a technique that makes use of high frequency acoustic waves.